Mr. Solano and Ms. Gould led the Luling High School ESports team on a visit to the University of Texas in Austin, where they explored the gaming facilities. During the tour, student guides shared insights into their gaming experiences and their journeys in the Game Development and Design Program.
about 1 hour ago, Tracy O'Quinn
ESports U.T.
ESports U.T.
ESports U.T.
ESports U.T.
ESports U.T.
Luling ISD Theater Presents....
about 4 hours ago, Luling ISD
Charlotte's Web
Soccer Fundraiser
about 4 hours ago, Tracy O'Quinn
Boys Soccer Fundraiser Conchas Chocolate
Boys Soccer
about 6 hours ago, Tracy O'Quinn
Boys soccer scrimmage toy
Some of our amazing student council members volunteered last night at the Civic Center and handed out over 170 bags of groceries to Luling residents! Their dedication to serving our community is truly inspiring. Great job being a positive impact and spreading kindness.
about 6 hours ago, Luling ISD
HS StuCo
HS StuCo
Gerdes Junior High hosted the National Junior Honor Society induction ceremony last night! These young scholars embody excellence, leadership, service, and character. Excited to see them make a positive impact on our community!
1 day ago, Luling ISD
Our incredible team of teachers & instructional coaches at Gerdes JH joined forces today to score student's written responses. We're shaping futures & fostering growth as we analyze student writing data to refine our teaching strategies, address specific student needs, ensure individual growth & elevate student writing!
2 days ago, Kimberly Berry-Corie
teacher's score writing responses
Staff and students are having fun with our themed dress up days! Yesterday, Shanklin staff and students dressed in red and white and it was crazy sock day at LHS.
2 days ago, Luling ISD
Johnson and Longmire
Capello Kinder
3 days ago, Tracy O'Quinn
Charlotte's Web Preparation
December means fun dress-up days for students and staff! Check out the calendars for each campus and get those outfits ready!!! ❄️🎄☃️
4 days ago, Luling ISD
With the guidance of Ms. Hardy, Shanklin students are actively immersed in coding activities, honing essential 21st-century skills for their future.
7 days ago, Tracy O'Quinn
Shanklin Coding 1
Shanklin Post 2
Hardy Code
Shanklin Coding
Finally! The seasons are starting! Girls' and Boys' Soccer Schedules:
8 days ago, Luling ISD
6th graders are all about Myths these days! 6th grade begins their learning each day with an engaging warm-up that spark imagination and sets the tone for the learning, and yesterday was no exception! From quick prompts that challenge their descriptive skills to thought-provoking questions that fuel reflective thinking, ELA warm-ups kickstart Mr. Sanchez's classes daily.
8 days ago, Kimberly Berry-Corie
warm ups
direct instruction
Exciting times in English 2 as students dive into book clubs! Fostering a love for literature, students read and engage in meaningful discussions to learn important content. #LulingPrepare #LulingEmpower #LulingInspire
10 days ago, Luling ISD
Book Clubs
Tools for Talk
The letter J
21 days ago, Tracy O'Quinn
Letter J Magallanez
Gratitude Overflow! This Thanksgiving, Luling ISD is bursting with thanks for our incredible teachers who light up minds every day! Special shout-out to the amazing 2023-24 class of teachers new to the profession - your passion and dedication are shaping the future! #LulingLearns
21 days ago, Errin Jennings
NewTeacher 03
New Teacher02
New Teacher 04
Shanklin Elementary Student Council attended the Board meeting on Monday to share recent and upcoming events. They also performed a song from the Veterans Day celebration on Friday. Great job Shanklin STUCO! #LulingPrepare #LulingEmpower #LulingInspire
24 days ago, Luling ISD
Shanklin STUCO
Today is World Kindness Day, a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. Kindness is contagious, so when we are kind, we inspire others to be kind too. Let’s make kindness the norm, and make our school, our community, and our world a better place for everyone. Happy World Kindness Day!
25 days ago, Luling ISD
World Kindness Day
Let's unite for National Hunger And Homelessness Week! As we raise awareness, let's remember the power of compassion and community. Together, we can make a difference and strive for a world where everyone has a place to call home and a meal on their table.
25 days ago, Luling ISD
Our students are working hard to learn new content and review prior learning! Grade 3 Math not only met but surpassed State performance on the 2023 STAAR test in Approaches, Meets, and Masters levels! Huge shoutout to our dedicated teachers and young mathematicians!
25 days ago, Errin Jennings
Shanklin 02