2019-2020 GOALS




The adopted goals serve to guide budget preparation, hiring decisions, and evaluation of personnel.  During the past school year, progress has been made in reaching the goals, but additional work is needed. 


Public schools in Texas are required to comply with certain academic and accountability standards.  Academic standards (TEKS) are established by the state and tested through the STAAR exam.  Results on the STAAR test determine the academic rating for school districts.   


Academic accomplishments for Luling ISD include:

  • Luling ISD: C
  • Luling High School: B
  • Luling Junior High School: F
  • Luling Elementary and Primary: D


The Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) is available on the school district website www.luling.txed.net. This report has a wealth of information about the District, and readers are encouraged to use the report when evaluating the District and these goals.


Goals may be accomplished only if all constituent parties – school board, administration, staff, parents, students, and the community at large – support them and work to see that they are accomplished.

The Board of Trustees and Administration