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The gifted and talented program is to provide enrichment beyond the regular education program in which students who function at remarkably high levels, when compared to others of the same age and equivalent experiences, have the opportunities to develop and expand critical and creative thinking, increase reasoning and problem solving abilities, develop the ability to assimilate old and new knowledge, and present in innovative ways.

Students may be nominated by any professional staff and parents and screened once a year for services for gifted students.  Assessment in the areas of intellectual and specific academic fields, grades 1-12, uses a minimum of three (3) appropriate criteria that include both qualitative and quantitative measures.  At the kindergarten level, at least three (3) criteria are used to assess students who perform at remarkably high levels of accomplishments relative to age peers.  Final selection of students for services designed for gifted students is made by a committee of at least three (3) local district or campus educators who have received training in the nature and needs of gifted students. Parents will be notified by letter of their student's placement or non-placement in the gifted and talented program.