Local Assessments

Unit Tests


Unit tests will be administered at the end of each unit according to the LISD Pacing Guides. The unit test is a summative, criterion-referenced assessment designed to ensure that student learning is rigorous, comprehensive, and prepares students for summative state testing. The unit tests assess the specified student expectations as noted on the Instructional Focus Document. They include a variety of items including ones that are written in the format and have the rigor of the state assessments.


Formative Assessments

Use of weekly formative assessments will be emphasized within each unit and three-week assessments may be created and administered for longer units. Teacher teams will create formative assessments and rubrics ensuring that each item is aligned to an essential learning target.


Universal Screeners

The universal screener is a norm-referenced tool whose primary purpose is to identify gaps in student learning that might not be diagnosed through the curriculum. The universal screeners will help identify the specific gaps of students working below grade level. Each screener has an intervention component to support individualized, targeted instruction. Every campus will have universal screeners for Math and Reading to be administered at least three times per year. 



Benchmark tests will be administered in December for state-tested subjects. The data from these tests will be utilized for creating intervention groups to target instruction prior to the state administered assessment in the Spring. 

Benchmarks will include all STAAR/EOC content that is tested:

  • 3rd Grade reading/math
  • 4th Grade reading/writing/math
  • 5th Grade reading/math/science
  • 6th Grade reading/math
  • 7th Grade reading/writing/math
  • 8th Grade reading/math/science/social studies
  • EOC: English I, English II, Algebra I, Biology, US History