Welcome to the Health Services Page!

Haley Almaguer, RN – District Nurse & JH/HS Campus Nurse

Phone: (830)875-2121 Ext. 2023 Fax: (830)875-5907


Tammy Thwing, LVN – Primary/Elementary Nurse

Phone: (830)875-2515 Ext. 3020 Fax: (830)875-5925

Please read the Health Services Welcome letter (below) for more information on bringing student medication to our campus, our district lice policy, and when to keep your sick child at home.  


When to Keep Your Child at Home:


Keeping your child at home when he or she is sick is important for their recuperation as well as preventing the spread of disease to others at school. Remember, hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of any illness! Here are some guidelines for deciding when to keep your child at home:

  • If your child has a fever over 100 degrees, please keep them at home until they are fever free for 24 hours.
  • If your child is sent home from school due to fever, the child will not be allowed back into school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
  • Children with redness and discharge from one or both of their eyes should be kept home and evaluated by their care provider.  If they are prescribed antibiotic ointment for their eyes, they should remain at home for 24 hours after the treatment has begun.
  • If your child has symptoms such as a rash, lethargy, a severe, persistent sore throat or cough, or difficulty breathing, they should be kept at home and their doctor called.
  • Keep your child at home if they have diarrhea or are vomiting. They should remain at home for at least 12 hours after the symptoms have subsided.



Immunization Requirements for Students Entering 7th grade for the 2018-2019 School Year:


We must have a current record that shows the following vaccines have been received:

  • 1 dose of Meningococcal Vaccine (meningitis)
  • 2 doses of Varicella Vaccine (chicken pox)
  • 1 dose of Tdap Vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)


Please provide your shot record to the School Nurse if your child has received these vaccines.  Your student will not be able to receive a schedule or attend school until the shots are received and written record is provided.  Questions?  Contact Nurse Almaguer at 830 875-2121, Ext. #2023.





The goal of Health Services is to promote and protect the physical and emotional well-being of the students and staff at our school. We believe that encouraging healthy choices and lifestyles in adolescents enhances their academic achievement as well as helping them become healthy and successful adults.  For more information please click on the links below: