2019-2020 Meal Prices


Luling Primary School and Shanklin Elementary School --  Universal Free Student Breakfast

Gerdes Junior High and Luling High School:  $1.40

Reduced Price: $0.30

Adult: $2.25


Luling Primary School and Shanklin Elementary: $2.40

Gerdes Junior High and Luling High School: $2.65

Reduced Price for All Campuses: $0.40

Adult: $3.55




2019-20 Free & Reduced Meal Application and General Information


Luling ISD offers free or reduced-price meals to those students who qualify. Federal, State, Title 1 and private grant funding is based on the number of eligible meal applications we collect and process.  We encourage all households to complete a meal application, even if you plan on sending lunch from home for your student.  You can help our schools obtain additional funding to ensure children in our district continue to receive fundamental services just by completing the form.


Application - English

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Income Eligibility Chart





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LULING ISD School Breakfast and Lunch
Frequently Asked Questions




Where can I find menus?

You can access the menu through your child’s school website by clicking on Food Menus under the Student drop-down menu.  Menus are also posted on the district website at www.luling.txed.net. Under the About Us tab, click on Departments, and then select Food Services to find the menu.  A hard copy of the menu will be distributed to the Elementary students at the first of each month beginning in September.


What does a full meal include?

Breakfast menus offer a variety of food components – entrée, fruits, and milk selections daily.  When offered menu choice, students must take at least ½ cup fruit and 2 other items to make a meal.


Lunch menus include entrée choices ranging from hot feature items, grill favorites, hearty salads, and sandwiches that provide meat/meat alternates and grains in addition to milk, fruits and vegetable sides.


Of the 5 components offered, students MUST take at least 1/2 cup of fruit OR vegetable and a minimum of 2 other foods for a reimbursable meal when a choice is offered.


Meal Prices

Lunch prices for the 2018-2019 school year are:

  • Elementary (grades PK–5) = $2.30
  • Middle school (grades 6–8) = $2.55
  • High school (grades 9–12) = $2.55



Is all the food served by ARAMARK peanut free?

The food served is peanut aware and prepared in a peanut-aware environment. We do serve Sunbutter at all of the school locations.


We understand and are sensitive to allergies that students have today. We take great precaution with students who have allergies. If your child has specific allergies, please contact your school Health Nurse.

Is breakfast available for my child?

Breakfast is available at the following times:


Primary School    7:30 am

Shanklin Elementary    7:30 am

Junior and High School    7:30 am


The Junior High and High School breakfast prices are $1.40 or $0.30 reduced price.


Shanklin Elementary and the Primary School qualify for the Universal Free Breakfast Program.  There is no charge for breakfast for all Shanklin and Primary students.


Can I pay for my child’s lunch online?  

Money can be added to your child’s account at any time by sending in an envelope with cash or check made out to “Luling Food Service Program.” Your child should give this envelope to the lunch cashier before school.


Remember, the envelope should be clearly marked “Lunch Program” with the child’s name, amount, teacher’s room, and parent contact information in the event of any questions. If the payment is for more than one student, indicate how the money should be split (for example, Johnny = $10.00 and Sally=$15.00). Payment can be made in any amount to best suit a family’s budget.


Payment can also be made online at www.myschoolbucks.com. More information is available on our the district website under About Us, Departments, Food Service, Links, and My School Bucks. Your child can also pay on a daily basis.


How can I find out what my balance is in my child’s account and his or her purchase history?

The easiest way is to create an account with www.myschoolbucks.com. Your child’s purchase history is available one day after the account has been created.  This site will even enable you to set “low balance reminders” that will generate an email to you when your child’s account falls below your preset amount.


My family qualified for free/reduced-priced meals last year. Do I need to do anything for this school year?

Yes, every year a new application needs to be completed. Students are grandfathered in from last year for the first 30 calendar days of the school year. To avoid disruption in your child’s status, a new application must be received in the food service office by September 25.


Is there a website for the Food Service Department?

Yes! You can visit the Luling ISD website. Click on About Us, then Departments and Food Service to find menus, meal prices, wellness program information,  and more.