Gilbert Gerdes Junior High Mission Statement

It is the purpose and mission of Gilbert Gerdes Junior High to provide all of its students with an educational program which allows them to develop to their full potential intellectually, physically and socially in order to be responsible members of society.  Inherent within this purpose and mission is the belief that all teachers can make a positive difference in the life of their students.

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Principal’s Message
     I hope you received my letter with the benchmark results. Many of our students did very well. If you have concerns about your child's results, please call to set up a meeting for us to discuss these results.
     When we return from spring break 7th and 8th graders will have 11 days before they take the first round of STAAR tests. I am confident our staff is doing their part to ensure student success. Please help us!
     Spend some time talking to your child about their effort in school. As spring approaches, (or should I say IF spring ever gets here!) students typically become antsy and less focused. Now is not the time to quit. We need everyone to push through until the end of the year.
     In preparation of the upcoming state assessments, please be sure your child:
  • Gets plenty of rest the night before
  • Eats a good breakfast
  • Dresses comfortable for testing
     Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.
                                                                                    ~ Carol

Upcoming events: 
Spring Break - March 10-14th 
Open House and Parent Chat - Tuesday, Mach 18th ( 5:30-7:00) 

Site Base Committee
There will be a meeting Tuesday, March 18th @ 4:30 in the Library

Shout Outs!
Congratulations to A Honor Roll Students!  
6th Grade- Viviana G., George M., Thomas R.  
7th Grade- Marissa C., Aarya D., Wendy K., Sara M., Luis R.
8th Grade- Megan C., Scott H., Julie M.

Principal Spotlight!
6th Grade- Presley B. & Adrian B.
7th Grade- Delores F. & Jacob L.
8th Grade- Diana R. & Leonardo R. 

Congratulations to our 6th grade band students receiving a 1 on their solos or ensemble!
Morgan B., Valerie B., Taylor C., Veronica C., Erick C., Samantha C., Leah C., Christian C., Amris G., Viviana G., Ruby G., Mason H., Joseah H., Alex H., Tara H., Norianne M., Dakota M., Kyle Mc., Stevie O., Chelsi P., Anahi R., Jeremiah S., Kayla S., Victoria T., Azreal V.